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Pilates Centering

In the previous blog we discussed “Why Pilates”? We will now go into a little more depth about what Pilates is.

Yes, it’s a workout, but how is it different from other forms of exercise? A Pilates workout incorporates controlled movement and breathing- this in turn engages the mind to bring awareness on how your body moves whilst you learn to use it more effectively.

But what does this really mean? To get a better understanding of a Pilates workout, let’s take a look at the Six Principles of Pilates. These principles are unique to a Pilates workout and help to describe all of the factors that are working together to get the most from your movements. The Six Principles are;





Breathing and


In this blog we explore the first principle, Centering.

In Pilates, every movement should come from your centre or ,as Joseph called it, your “Powerhouse”. Your Powerhouse starts just below your navel and includes the hips, lower back muscles, buttocks, inner thighs and glutes. The stronger your Powerhouse is, the more ability you will have to support your back and be less vulnerable to muscular fatigue. This is because the muscles which incorporate the Powerhouse work together to support and stabilise the rest of your body. Just like a house needs a strong foundation to withstand the test of time, so do you. The Powerhouse is like an internal corset made of muscle, giving you the support that you need throughout your day.

When you bring the awareness of the mind and body to the Powerhouse, we call that centering. Staying centred with your Powerhouse engaged intensifies your workout, supports your back, and gives you the control and stability that you need to benefit from a full body workout and enjoy a greater quality of life.

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