Pilates and the Principle of Precision

We hear people say - “Oh I can’t do Pilates, I’m not that flexible”. It’s an interesting thought pattern and one we understand. But the reality of the matter is that Pilates is more than than just "a stretch class" which is what most believe it is. Pilates is actually an education in how to use your body more effectively whilst providing you with a fully body workout.

So the first thing we concentrate on in Pilates is simply getting your body moving. This is something that everyone, regardless of age, flexibility or strength can manage. It takes very little time at all until you begin to grasp the first Principles of Pilates, “Control” and “Concentration” (these are elements we have explored in previous blogs).

Then, once you have grasped those key fundamentals, you encounter yet another challenge - “Precision”. At this stage you are starting to understand your body better, building on what you have learnt and beginning to create smoother and more effective movements.

Precision essentially means your movements become more definite and accurate and you become conscious of the placement and co-ordination of your body without losing the flow of your workout.

But precision isn’t just important when it comes to the exercises within your workout, it’s just as important when you are transitioning from one exercise to another and positioning yourself correctly on Pilates apparatus.

When you are working with precision, EVERY movement has a purpose. This keeps your muscles engaged so that you achieve maximum benefits over the full period of the workout. Because it’s not just the exercise that will give you results, but the way you perform it.

And because you are using your body more effectively you are learning “technique”. This technique is important because it not only allows you maximum benefit while you are working out but it also delivers learnings that you take into the activities you undertake every day.

Pilates is a workout of both the Mind AND Body and because it is YOUR workout, your starting level doesn’t matter - it’s what you learn and how you progress that counts.

For an education in how Pilates can help you use your body to it’s best effect contact us at Momentum Pilates Tauranga at studio@momentumpilates.co.nz

Pilates - learning Precision involves understanding effective body placement

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