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What can I expect in my first session?

In your first session, you fill out a form that details any injury history and outlines what you hope to achieve with Pilates. We gain a better understanding of any injuries that you may have or that may restrict your movements as we get you started.  You will begin to learn the basic Pilates movements, choreography and how to use the Pilates equipment safety and effectively.

What should I wear? 

We recommend you wear comfortable clothing that doesn’t restrict your movement. We do ask that you don’t wear any clothing that has zips or studs as they can cause damage to our equipment. 

What if I have back issues?

Pilates focuses on the powerhouse, which once strong, takes the pressure out of the lower back and helps you to learn to move without putting strain on your body. If you have back issues, we recommend that you discuss your intentions of beginning a Pilates routine with your doctor or rehab practitioner first, and in your initial private session at our studio we can discuss these issues and develop a workout that will be suitable for you. 

Will I get individual attention?

If individual attention is what you are after, private sessions would be the best option for you. In duet sessions and classes, you will still get informative teaching and spotting relevant to your body, but understandably less individual attention than in a private session. 

I’ve done Pilates before, do I still have to do a private session? 

We do ask that you book in for a private Pilates session even if you’ve done Pilates before elsewhere. This is because the equipment and teaching can be quite different in other studios.  We work hard to ensure that when you are settled into a class that the momentum is maintained when new members join the group. Also, we need to get a sense of your strength and ability in order to suggest classes that will offer a challenging workout suitable for your level. 


I want to get into classes, how many private sessions do I need before I can get into a class?

The amount of private sessions varies from person to person. We will have a better idea of how many you will need after your initial private session.  If you have a good level of fitness and generally take to choreography quickly then your transition will be faster.

Do you have beginner Pilates classes?

We cater for all levels of ability from beginners through to advanced. If you are a beginner you will expect to start with private sessions to start to learn the fundamentals of the Pilates method before looking at whether you would like to join a class situation.  We don't have classes designed specifically for beginners, but we do have some classes that run at a faster pace than others.  We will discuss with you the classes that would be most suitable for you.

Do you have pregnancy Pilates classes?

We don’t have classes designed specifically for pregnant women. We do have pregnant women that enjoy our classes and private sessions who have been doing Pilates for some time and already have a strong understanding of the method.  We would recommend that if you are new to the method that you start with us postpartum or at least 3 months before becoming pregnant.


Frequently Asked Questions