"Pilates is designed to give you suppleness, natural grace and skill that will be unmistakably reflected in the way you walk, play and work"

Pilates for Beginners


Initial Private Session - the Gold Standard

Whether your ultimate goal is Private Sessions, Duets or Group Classes you will get more from your workouts by learning the correct technique, equipment and flow of Pilates upfront. 


The most effective and time efficient way to achieve this for you is with one on one tuition.

The amount of private sessions you will need before joining a group class will vary from person to person.  If you are generally fit and well you may just need one session. 

In this session we will discuss your goals, any injuries or limitations you may have and get you started on the equipment.


We work very hard to ensure that once you are a client your momentum within the class is not lost.  So every client who joins a group class situation is of a suitable level before joining the group.



Why Momentum Pilates ?

At Momentum Pilates Tauranga, we believe Pilates is not just about a workout in the moment, it’s about educating you to use your body every day, in everything you do, to its best effect.

We specialise in Pilates and are fully certified in the Authentic Romana's Pilates method.  We respect Pilates as it was intended and attend regular continued professional education workshops.  Our commitment and level of Pilates teacher training is second to none.


We hold the widest range of traditional Pilates equipment in the Bay to ensure you receive a true, Authentic Pilates workout - you’ll even have fun along the way.  


For more information check out our blog.

What is Pilates?

The word “Pilates” most commonly conjures up visions of high number mat classes, or the more acquainted may also have some knowledge of Reformer classes.


But the creator of the Pilates method, Joseph Pilates, devised a complete set of equipment to work alongside his teachings - it’s a much bigger entity than most might think.


Pilates is a total body workout method and in contrast to other disciplines focusses on whole body conditioning.  Pilates is about recognising and understanding how to engage your "Powerhouse" (Joseph Pilates term for the core muscles).  


Why Pilates ?

The stronger your "Powerhouse" is, the more ability you will have to support your back and be less vulnerable to muscular fatigue which in turn helps prevent injury.


At Momentum Pilates Tauranga sessions are tailored to the individual and practicing regular Pilates can offer you health benefits which include;


increased strength and flexibility

improved balance and posture

preventing injury 

increased body awareness

Why do I need to do Private Sessions before joining a regular group class setting?

We work hard to ensure classes maintain their workout momentum when others join the group.  You will ultimately get more from your Pilates classes long term by putting in the time up front to understand the connections, equipment and flow you need to get the best workout for you.  


The amount of private sessions before joining a group class varies from person to person. We will have a better idea of how many you will need after your initial private session.  If you have a good level of fitness and generally take to choreography quickly then your transition will be faster.​