"I have been going to Momentum for about 5 years now and my core strength and flexibility have both greatly improved as a result".

Pilates Class Options

Private Pilates sessions

Private sessions are the optimum way of experiencing the Pilates method.  Pilates was traditionally taught in Private Sessions because every body is different and has different needs.  By working one on one or in a duet session we build a much greater understanding of you and your capabilities and progression is certainly quicker. 

Pilates Group Classes

Our clients tell us they enjoy being with the people they work out with - so group classes are a great option.   We will guide you towards those classes which may be more suitable for you.  A good understanding of the Pilates basics are required before attending class.  It’s important to remember when you work out in a group that it’s still YOUR workout and we can tailor where necessary.

We offer the following group Pilates classes; 

Please note, in order to maximise social distancing we will be operating Reformer Classes only during Level 2

Reformer Classes (maximum 5 participants)

The reformer is a bed-like piece of equipment that offers spring resistance to enhance strength and stretch.  Whether you’re lying, standing, sitting or kneeling you will certainly get a great workout. 

Tower Classes (maximum 6 participants)

These classes include mat work as well as the use of arm and leg spring resistance to help to challenge your stability.  The ultimate in strength and stretch.

Mat Classes (maximum 6 participants)

Our Mat classes are the ultimate test of your understanding of the Pilates method. In these classes you utilise your own body weight as resistance and rely on the engagement of your "Powerhouse" to get the most from your workout.  Mat classes are suitable for Intermediate to Advanced level clients.  

Pilates Class Rates

Casual Private


Casual Duet


Private Rates (1:1)

Duet Rates (2:1)

5 x Privates


10 x Privates


10 x Duets


* Duet rates are per person

Group Class Rates

10 x Classes


For groups of 3 or more who wish to start together

* All classes are 55 minutes apart from our Foundation Classes which are 45 minutes

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