If you see it you'll hit it

If you see it you’ll hit it. It’s a mantra that goes through my head quite often. I use it in life, in business, when I am in my Pilates class and especially when I mountain bike!

And it pretty much sums up the story I’m just about to tell you. It’s a story I seldom share, although I probably should - you likely have a similar story yourself.

You see, in my early twenties I began to experience hip stiffness and pain. Years later, in my thirties, I was given the diagnosis of arthritis in my right hip, with my left on it's way.

One of my big issues though, was over the course of 10 years I had let my body get away with murder. I had so many issues with walking, mobility and general pain I just didn’t really like moving them much anymore and had lost a significant amount of muscle tone in my legs.

When a physio told me to get prepared for a hip replacement that hit me hard, then I woke up the next week and made a conscious decision to do something about my lack of mobility and over a period of time things started to change for me.

It didn’t happen overnight and I’m still working on it but with a change of mindset and some milestone targets I’m leaps and bounds (pardon the pun) from where I stood nearly 10 years ago.

I go to Pilates class once a week and I’m comforted by the fact that our clients come to Pilates for themselves and certainly not to judge those around them. I have never felt the stress of having to be an exceptional student just because I jointly own the business and it’s my husband who is teaching.

Pilates is part of my life now, it has helped me rebuild my muscle strength to where I can experience and benefit from other forms of exercise. I now go mountain biking and love it and in turn I have become fitter and stronger – which brings a great feel good factor. We just completed the Timber Trail mountain bike track, something I would never have considered even 5 years ago!

Do I still experience pain? Sure. Do I make noises in class about difficult exercises? You bet I do. Do I have a few limitations of the angles my body can get into? Definitely. But in the end it’s my body, it’s my Pilates workout I’m performing and the milestones I hit, no matter how big or small are mine and I celebrate each and every one of them in my own way.

So the underlying message for those of you with limitations is “we get it”. We get that there are things you may or may not think you can do today, but might do tomorrow. Heck, there are things some of us might not be able to do even in a lifetime.

And my mantra of “if you see it you’ll hit it” is all about setting yourself milestones - and progressing a little is still better than not progressing at all.

So whatever fitness goals you want to achieve, no matter how big or small, you’ll be assured at Momentum Pilates of an environment that is full of support and full of understanding on the fact we are all different.

It’s all about you, your body and your goals – you might even have fun along the way and meet some great people. To get in touch just drop a line to studio@momentumpilates.co.nz.

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