Dispelling the Pilates Myths

Pilates Myth Busters

With the growth of the health and fitness industry, Pilates has become a bit of a buzzword lately. But it seems that the more popular Pilates becomes, the more misconceptions and confusion there seems to be around what Pilates really is.

So we thought we would dispel the five most common myths about Pilates we hear that may be holding you back from giving it a go.

Myth #1: I’m not flexible enough to do Pilates.

Pilates doesn’t need you to be flexible right now. Pilates helps you to gain flexibility and strength over time. The things that keep you from being more flexible are usually the things we do in everyday life. For instance, do you ever get sore, tight or achy after gardening or after exercise? Well, a short Pilates workout after you’ve finished up for the day is a great way to lengthen you out and prevent tightness and sore muscles that may otherwise occur. Pilates helps you do the little things you enjoy in life for longer.

Myth #2: Isn’t Pilates just the same as Yoga?

While Joseph Pilates did draw influences from Yoga, amongst other forms of exercise, they are definitely different. Pilates focuses on total body strengthening and toning in each and every exercise. Pilates is also often called “dynamic” which means that you gain strength and flexibility while in a continuous “flow” rather than holding static poses.

Myth #3: Will I get lost in a large class?

Unfortunately we do hear of this happening in some studios. We have small class numbers to maximise the attention that you get from your specialist Pilates instructor to ensure you gain more from your time with us. We work hard at creating a safe and friendly environment where questions (and fun) are welcome.

Myth #4: I am too out of shape/I have an injury and can’t workout

Pilates is something that anyone can do. It is an exercise that caters to YOUR body and level of fitness. At Momentum Pilates, we get to know our client’s with an initial private session and continue to work closely with them when it comes to achieving their fitness goals or working with injuries.

Myth #5: I’m really fit, Pilates is slow/gentle and won’t benefit me

Again, a Pilates workout is catered to ALL fitness levels, from beginners to elite athletes. It challenges control and coordination while stretching and strengthening the body. If you’ve done Pilates in the past and feel that it wasn’t challenging enough for you, let us know!

Pilates is more than just improving your fitness, it also helps to improve your lifestyle. It’s about teaching you how to move your body in the right way, so you don’t suffer back pain after a long week of sitting at your desk, or tight hamstrings after a stint of gardening. Pilates helps you become a better version of you, in all aspects of your life.

So now we’ve dispelled a few myths, why not see for yourself and ask us about the our beginners Foundation Courses. We’d love to show you more of why we love Pilates at Momentum Pilates Tauranga. Contact us now for more information

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