"Core strength is a real focus of Pilates and this has improved my posture more effectively than any other exercise I have ever done".

Meet Paul from Momentum Pilates Tauranga 

Paul Jones, owner and Pilates teacher at Momentum Pilates Tauranga

Paul Jones - Owner and Certified

Authentic Romana's Pilates Teacher

Paul discovered the benefits of Pilates over 18 years ago in the UK with his Kiwi wife, Lara.

At the time Paul was recovering from sporting injuries which is why he is able to empathise so well with his clients, making them feel completely at ease, what ever their level of ability.  The understanding that Pilates gave him about his own body encouraged him to begin teacher training.  


Paul's training CV is impressive, having worked with some of the most respected Master instructors in the world.  He first began his Pilates career qualifying with Body Control Pilates in the UK and was then accepted to a 3 month apprentice program with Paul McLinden (Body Control Pilates Master Instructor) in his studio in Brighton, UK.  After a few years of teaching, Paul's desire to be the best in his field saw him finally complete certification in Authentic Romana's Pilates, said to be the finest certification in the world - a true testament to his commitment to the Pilates method and it's heritage.

“My style of teaching isn't just about the workout in the moment, it's important to me that you understand what sits behind the method so you can take your learnings into your every day life,” he says "that's the true measure of a Pilates teacher and comes with specific Authentic Pilates training and experience".

Paul is incredibly dedicated to the Pilates ethos.  His role as a teacher, he believes, is to help educate and inspire his clients to be the very best they can be - and you will certainly have fun along the way.